Xbmc updating atv2

Maintaining the Apple TV2 for XBMC/Kodi became more and more demanding each time Apple decided to update the Apple TV2′s i OS Version.

The big bang was i OS6 where I had to rewrite a substantial amount of the Apple TV2 specific code to do runtime hooking, an obscure means of adding functionality to i OS that Apple never intended i OS to have, because Apple made it even more obvious that they didn’t want 3rd party apps to be run on the black box by removing the private Framework which all our work previously relied upon.

Its still unknown whether this is a hardware or software restriction. Apple TV2: Connect via SSH in and run “apt-get update && apt-get install xbmc-atv2′” i OS: Upgrade through Cydia.

The XBMC developers are hard at work on non-apple related features as well, expect a post in the next day or two outline what else we’ve been doing.

Remember, thousands of ATV2 XBMC users have been where you are now... The guy that did my ATV2 installed that and I recently upgraded to the most current XBMC version by going in there and clicking on update XBMC. From a developer’s point of view the Apple TV2 is a major challenge because Apple never released any Software Development Kit for it.The fact that XBMC/Kodi has ever been able to run on it is a testament to the countless hours of hacking by Scott Davilla and Edgar Huceke.Last week was the release by XBMC of the beta 3 of their next update – XBMC 13.0 Gotham was released in March, supporting 3D movies, ‘dramatic’ Audio Engine improvements, improved UPn P capabilities, and other visual changes to improve logic and usability – make sure you check out the complete list of changes.The following guide on installing XBMC Gotham on your Apple TV.

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