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The screenupdating being set to false will also speed up our macro as Excel will not try to repaint the screen each time it changes.

Subs: Delete Blank Rows1, Delete Blank Rows3 and both Worksheet_Change events are slightly different as they first check to see if the ENTIRE row is blank.

How can I find out which methods and properties are available for a particular object? You can also use the Object Browser available in the VBE.

Press F2 to access the Object Browser, then choose Excel from the Libraries/Workbooks drop-down list. When you select an object, its corresponding properties and methods appear in the list on the right.

Gurs does not want to speed up his benchmark because that would destroy his historic speed comparisons.

But the problem is that a large portion of the time in his benchmark is taken by screen updating, and so his benchmark results vary significantly depending what part of the worksheet is actually visible on the screen, and hence how many visible cells get refreshed at each calculation.

This process does a lot of things behind the scene, such as updating records, deleting and recreating tables, or emptying tables. Document deletions such as deleting a table or report 3.

By default, Access prompts for confirmation when each of the following three actions takes place. Action queries such as insert, update, or delete query. Click the Edit/Find tab and uncheck the three checkboxes in Confirm section.

I've found a very simple way to achieve the desired outcome in VBA using just one line of code.In the VBA editor, place this code AFTER your On Load code: [Your On Load code] Key Code = 16 This code achieves the equivalent of pressing F11, ie maximising the view of the currently open window.Have you opened the window in the Normal mode (instead of Dialog)?I ran Gurs benchmark on my desktop PC with Excel 2003 to Excel 2013., with a constant screen area visible (rows 8 and columns A: BF).Since I cannot install Excel 2016 on the same PC as previous versions without causing unwanted problems I used a VM on my desktop and also ran the benchmark on my Surface Pro 3.

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