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'Durintz our Opening 7 I 1 t\ 4 4 1 ' (l Wf^^BB B * 1* I ^B i^ 1 ? A i'wt; Some students are doing a little socializing while waiting for the bus at Drown Hall. Opening 9 Brad Ketcher waits patiently for his Whopper in the new Food Court.

10 Travis Jackson practicing his innocent face at fall tailgates. MHHHHMH *cr^ j ' ** Tjr JC •tjk-t - " Opening 13 ,1 Alison Denmark, "Ht-v. Sharon Khosla, Radhika Mehra, Chrissy Caserta and Cheryl Scott; happy to have made it through the snow. .came tf\e snow, tfie snow, and even more snow, ulpon returning to ^er\igr\ after ^Winter 'Breaks, to see tf\e fiuge mounds of snow ailed up everywhere, fiopes of snow daus grew in our minds ) Tne days of nice weatfier in Teftruaru teased us into fielievina tf\at t JOinter m was over, and soon we would oe wearing sfiorts and tee sfiirts again.. Once again, tf\e snow tegan to fall, tfireatenino to ruin our plans for f/otf) ^Pacing and Coring breaks.

He was learned, he could write a sonnet and set it to music, he was an excellent dancer, swordsman and equestrian and, like Henry VIII, he could play a good game of tennis.

There were not, I'nri sorry to say, the same expectations of the Renaissance lady. "It's nice to be in- cluded in other people's fantasies, but you also like to be accepted for your own sake" - M.

Greater noble families generally used their predecessor's Lithuanian pagan given names as their family names; this was the case with Goštautai, Radvilos, Astikai, Kęsgailos and others.

Those families acquired great wealth, eventually becoming magnates.

Ryan Bailie takes a moment to sit and talk with Sam instead of sleeping.

He said that he always thinks of Branksome as a Renaissance School. Anne, Bahamas, Mans- field, Powahgen, "How could any- one expect me to handle school on a day like this? Thank you to Mom, Dad, Bill, Heath, Lara (Le Pouget), Sarah, Weeze, Deb, Lai la. At college, though, there is sometimes a tendency to forget about what happens beyond the borders of campus. While college is supposed to teach us howto makean impact on the world, it sometimes hides it from usat the same time. During these precious few years we realize that part of the growing that needs to occur is not always easy.. Life in the "real world" can be exciting, boring, joy- ous, and sad all at the same time. Megan selling flowers in Ulrich, as part of an Alpha Sig and AXO fund- raiser for the American Cancer Society. Students study in Rauch as chairs are mysteriously stacked behind them. she's Megan Gillette "Wluj not walk in the aura of magic that gives to the small things of life their uniqueness and importance? Linderman Library diplays some of Lehigh's unique architecture. The University Center as the sun shines on the newly fallen snow. §r re-election, while dealing with national and international issues. Charlie Labarbera on the way to class 12 --■ Aaahh, studying by the fire in the "Great Room" in Ulrich Center. -^ The Events That Shaped Our Lives YEARNREVe V Every year brings with it highs and lows on the individual, local, national, and interna- tional levels.

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